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5 Specials To Make Your BBQ’s Memorable This Summer

Summer BBQs are an absolute must to get everyone together. Whether you find yourself at home with your family, at the beach with your partner or on a boat with a group of friends, we can all agree that sizzling meat in summer, is the best delicacy to share. That being said, traditional BBQ meats tend to include burgers, sausages, steaks and kebabs. That we can all agree on. Whilst we all love tradition; our latest blog is here to highlight some of our in-house and exclusive products that will add new tastes and flair to your next BBQ 

1. Sashi Burgers

Sashi Burgers for summer BBQ
Sashi Beef is exclusively imported by La Boucherie

We all know that every summer BBQ requires delicious and juicy burgers. Whilst we all love a traditional Angus beef burger, we’ve got a La Boucherie exclusive that is sure to spice up your BBQ’s this summer. As the exclusive importers of Sashi beef, we proudly offer Sashi burgers. All the delectable flavours that come from Sashi steak, but in the form of one round delicious burger, coupled with a Brioche bun.

2. Rabbit Sausages

rabbit sausages for summer bbq
Taste the deliciousness of a traditional ‘fenkata’ all in our in-house made rabbit sausages

Another summer BBQ staple is a sizzling sausage. In the spirit of spicing up your BBQ with new tastes and flavours, we humbly recommend our in-house rabbit sausages. Made using boneless rabbit mince, pork mince, chopped garlic, parsley, dried tomato, salt & pepper. You won’t believe how good they taste grilled over open coals.

3. WX Wagyu Burgers

Burgers for summer bbq
WX Wagyu hails from the land downunder, giving you all the deliciousness of a Wagyu Steak in a Burger

The best beef in the world requires no introduction. Another in-house special to prepare the most decadent summer BBQ experience this year is our WX Wagyu burgers. Our Wagyu Burgers are made with a mix of WX Wagyu Brisket & WX Wagyu Chuck Roll. Giving you all the tastes of the land down-under, in one irresistible burger, on top of an equally irresistible brioche bun.

4. Angus Beef Meat Balls

Angus meatballs
Angus beef is both succulent and juicy, taste this Irish wonder in these spectacular meat balls.

One of our more traditional BBQ products to enjoy on a hot summers day; La Boucherie’s very own range of in-house angus beef meatballs. Made using fresh angus beef mince, parsley, salt and pepper. The taste of Ireland has never been so fresh and exquisite! Perfect for a meatball sandwich, or to enjoy on their own.

5. Lamb Skewers

Lamb kofta
Using the finest lamb originating from Silver Fern Farms, we assure you these skewers are unlike anything you’ve tasted before.

Another La Boucherie special is our in-house made lamb skewers. Using the finest Silver Fern lamb selection our in-house skewers are prepared using boneless lamb neck. The lamb is then marinated in garlic, sunflower oil, dried parsley, salt & pepper to really lock in the delicious tastes of the lamb.

BONUS: Black Marabu Charcoal

A new and exclusive product proudly available at La Boucherie is our Paraguayan Black Marabu Charcoal

As you know, the mission of La Boucherie is not just to offer premium meats and products from around the globe to our clients, but to also provide you with an international all-round experience. Which is why we are now proud to offer our clients a range of premium charcoal products for a premium summer BBQ experience. Introducing: The Black Marabu Charcoal. Restaurant grade charcoal is produced from the wood of the Quebracho tree, grown in Paraguay. This South American Charcoal is hand-picked to allow for the best selection.  Its unprecedently long burning time coupled with its pleasant taste ensures a deliciously subtle smoky flavour with each dish! 

In true La Boucherie style, our 5 BBQ recommendations offer tastes and experiences from South America, all the way to Australia! Adding international tastes and flair to your BBQ, without even having to leave your front door for such delicious meats.

Let us know which dish you’re most excited to try at your next BBQ.

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