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7 flavourful lean meats to include in a healthy diet

Lean Beef Knuckle

Note: Be sure to season all meats with high-quality FalkSalt for the best-possible results

1. Chicken

Whole chicken GMO Free available from La Boucherie Malta
A wholesome G.M.O. Free Whole Chicken will definitely please your family

Chicken is already one of the most popular white meat consumed in Maltese households. Its versatility as a tasty poultry is used in an incredible range of dishes and surely awards it a much deserved place on this list.

This staple white bird meat, especially the leaner cuts like Chicken Breast, have well-documented health benefits. As an extremely lean meat, it has a very low calorie content and is packed with proteins which help you feel full for a longer period of time. It is also an excellent source of Amino Acids. These help the body maintain strong bones and degrade toxins – more reasons to include chicken in your meals this month!

BONUS! If you’re having some Christmas blues, chicken boosts serotonin which acts as a natural mood booster and anti-depressant!

We offer a full selection of chicken products: Chicken Breast, Chicken Legs, G.M.O Free Whole Chicken, Corn-Fed Chicken Supreme.

2. Veal Liver

Lean Veal liver available in Mata
The super-rich veal liver is packed with nutrients

Veal Liver was once a popular delicacy across Europe. Thanks to its wide range of health benefits, we think it deserves a fitting comeback!

The exquisite Veal Liver is the leanest cut of a calf and surely one of the best healthy meats you could possibly eat. It has a high density of nutrients and has rightfully gained a popular label as a ‘Superfood’. Veal is an outstanding good source of Iron and Vitamin A and has the lowest calorie count out of all red meats. Veal also helps boost your immune system and your metabolism which means you’re not only eating less calories, but you’re also burning more too!

3. Pork Tenderloin

Pork Tenderloin for sale in Mata
Tenderloin is so lean you won’t believe its pork

Pork is generally categorised as a fatty meat which people stay away from when watching their weight.

Surprisingly however, a fine cut of Pork Tenderloin can be as lean as a chicken breast.

Not only is it incredibly low in fat content, but it is also very high in protein and rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals. The level of saturated fat in a cut of meat such as this does not only depend on the type of cut, but also depends on the quality of the feed they are fed by the producers in their upbringing.

4. Rump

Rump will surely prove to be a heartwarming winter roast

Rump is one of the leanest cut of beef. Many meat lovers argue that Rump can be a terribly tough cut and can be very disappointing when grilled. Nonetheless, even though it does not have the glorious marbling and tenderness of other popular cuts, this tender lean meat can still produce amazingly tasty results if cooked properly.

A fine cut of Rump and similarly tough meats turn into fork-tender pieces exploding with flavour when roasted slowly. As such, the longer the time it takes for the meat to cook, the more proteins you allow to melt as they tenderize the meat, giving it an incredibly flavourful taste while keeping the meat moist.

5. Beef Knuckle

Lean Beef Knuckle
A richly flavorful beef knuckle is incredibly low in fat

Beef Knuckle like rump is a cut of meat which is usually frowned upon but can likewise deliver a heartwarming meal when prepared correctly.

The Knuckle is a versatile piece of lean meat. In comparison to other cuts of beef, the Knuckle is very low in fat and connective tissue. Nonetheless, Knuckle cuts especially our Sashi Knuckle guarantees a great taste thanks to the fact that knuckle muscles do not perform a lot of work which makes the little amount of fat present excellently marbled. This gives the meat a notably tender and juicy taste when slow-roasted. Knuckle will also fit amazingly well in a variety of stew recipes.

6. Turkey

Stuffed Turkey Roll made in house at La Boucherie
A tasty turkey roll prepared in-house using nothing but genuine ingredients.

Turkey is not just an ideal centre-piece at Christmas dinners but deserves a place on your dinner table all year round.

As a white bird meat, Turkey is one of the healthiest meats around. Like most poultry, Turkey is packed with proteins and contains a very low level of saturated fat. Furthermore, skinless Turkey contains even less cholesterol than Chicken and makes it an amazing addition to salads or as a meat dish on its own!

7. Pheasant

Pheasant is an elegant delicacy available in from La Boucherie
The popularity of duck meat is on the rise all over Europe

Pheasant is not the most popular dish out there but it has excellent qualities which can contribute to your well-being and should be included in your diet.

Pheasant is very similar in texture to other white bird meat and can be very versatile to fit into a variety of dishes. It has the unique ability to make any dish look little more elegant. This meat doesn’t only have more protein than chicken but it is also lower in calories and saturated fat.

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