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7 Reasons why La Boucherie Is The Best Butcher In Malta

Meat at Butcher

If you are looking for the best butcher in Malta, then shopping at La Boucherie is guaranteed to end your search. One look at the La Boucherie online site opens up an inviting world of superior cuts of meat. Shop beef from all around the globe, read up on expert advice and much more.

Sourcing the very best produce and award-winning cuts, La Boucherie has fast established itself as the best butcher Malta has to offer. From exclusive products to excellent customer service, this high-quality butcher has it all. In celebration of this meat shop’s unique items, we’ve taken a look at what sets this butcher shop apart. So, dive right in, and read about what makes La Boucherie a world-class butcher shop.

Meat at butcher

1.   Beef of the World

La Boucherie is truly a beef lover’s dream. Specialising in premium cuts that have been carefully sourced from all four corners of the world. La Boucherie provides such an impressively vast range of gourmet meat options.

Looking for Wagyu steak from Japan, Argentinian ribeye or Angus from Ireland? If it’s a prize-winning cut that’s worthy of your refined taste-buds, La Boucherie is sure to stock it. Here’s a glimpse of some of the juicy delights we think you should try:

  • Sashi Beef. La Boucherie is the exclusive importer of Sashi Beef! Having won the award for ‘World’s Best Beef’ two years in a row, this rare and superior cut is a must-try. It is famed for its rich marbling and succulent flavour.
  • WAGYU Beef. A healthy and flavourful type of beef derived from Japanese cattle, WAGYU is considered to be the best by many meat experts.
  • Angus Beef. Loved for its superior marbling and meaty taste, Angus beef is a high-quality type of beef that remains incredibly juicy when grilled.
  • Argentinian Beef. Packed with healthy, omega-3 fatty acids and a delicious taste, Argentinian beef is known for its high quality.

2.   Exotic Meat Options

La Boucherie truly has it all! For those of you who simply can’t resist trying out new recipes and tasting unique dishes, this butcher’s varied range of exotic meat options is a must-try. Providing you with exclusive or unique options that you won’t find elsewhere in Malta. Our gourmet meat shop allows you to treat your taste buds to new culinary experiences. Offering crocodile meat, ostrich and kangaroo, alongside local delights such as rabbit and quail, you’re always spoiled for choice

3.   Premium Quality Meat

Apart from offering a bounty of meat choices, La Boucherie guarantees the most exquisite gourmet cuts. Boasting a professional team composed of meat connoisseurs, this shop’s mission is to share its passion for great-tasting meat. Having expert knowledge of meat, the La Boucherie staff will make sure you leave their establishment with a bag of the very best quality meat. You can purchase from La Boucherie for guaranteed outstanding results, providing a delicious gourmet dinner to rival restaurant fine dining.

4.   Wholesale Prices

Premium quality need not be synonymous with premium prices. At La Boucherie we strive to make gourmet meat accessible through amazing wholesale prices. Instead of paying at retail rates, we charge wholesale prices so you may enjoy your high-quality meat with a light-heart.

5.   Online and In-Store Shopping

To fully accommodate all customers, La Boucherie provides two shopping options. Either browse their updated site or visit their inviting butcher shop in Qormi where you may personally view and select your preferred cuts over the counter. Whichever method you prefer, you’ll always be able to get your hands on this first-class butcher’s delicious cuts of meat, hassle-free!

6.   Free, Same-Day Delivery

At times, online shopping is subject to an additional charge and an inconvenient waiting time. Yet, when you shop at La Boucherie you may expect your meat to be delivered that same day and at no extra cost. Bringing you all the convenience of shopping online but none of the disadvantages, buying fresh gourmet meat has never been so easy.

7.   Wine and Meat Pairing

There is nothing like a fine glass of wine to go with a perfectly cooked piece of meat. For sure, it is an absolutely unbeatable combination that effortlessly elevates your dining experience.  Recognising the power of wine and meat pairing, La Boucherie offers a selection of wines you may enjoy with a range of meat dishes. If you’re new to wine and meat pairing,fret not! When shopping at the La Boucherie store in Qormi, you will benefit from their staff’s expert advice who will helpfully guide you towards the best wine bottles to pair with your delectable choices of meat.

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