7 reasons why slow-cooked roast meat is winter’s treasure

Turkey Thighs slow-cooked and Roasted
As winter kicks in, the cold weather ignites our appetite for a hearty, home-cooked roast meal. A versatile cooking method, slow-cooked roasts enable the use of a wide selection of meats; making these roasts a truly interesting dish for any die-hard foodie.

1. Easy to Prepare and Cost Effective

Slow-Cooked Turkey Roast from La Boucherie Malta
Golden slow-cooked turkey roast

Despite the name, slow-cooked meats are very easy to prepare and go easy on your pocket. When cooking meats on a low temperature for a long period of time meat will tenderise, making sure that you get the best taste out of any cut you choose.

Most of the slow cooking recipes you’ll find require no complicated equipment. Although a slow cooker will surely help, many recipes will only require an oven and can be quickly prepared in a single dish, meaning less cleaning for you!

Check out our selection of meats guaranteed to make your slow-cooked roasts extra tender and juicy.

Try These: Corn Fed Chicken Supreme. G.M.O Free Whole Chicken, Whole Turkey, Stuffed Pork Shoulder

2. Bring the best taste out of any cut meat

Roast Turkey Thighs in Malta
Juicy roasted boneless Turkey Thighs.

Ever wondered what makes a heart Sunday roast so delicious?

The longer the time taken for the meat to cook, the more proteins you allow to melt and this adds an incredible flavour to your dish while keeping the meat moist as it cooks.

It is a must for slow cooked meats to be cooked in a liquid like broth, water or sauce as suggested by the recipe you’re following. However, by searing the meat for a few seconds in a dry pan till the surface of the meat is slightly golden you can release a unique complexity of aromas.

Try These: Briskets, Eye-Round Beef

3. Roasts are the perfect way to try out the meats you might usually shy away from

Brisket Slow-cooked and roasted
Slow-Cooked Angus Brisket renowned for rich tender meat when slow-cooked

With slow cooking, preparing the tougher cuts such as brisket, chuck steak or pork shoulder has never been easier. While these meats might not give the best results when cooked on the grill, they transform into fork-tender pieces exploding with flavour when roasted slowly.

Check out our selection of brisket, chuck steak and pork shoulder guaranteed to have the best marbling available on the market.

Try These: Quail, Duck

4. Stews make for the cosiest of nights at home

Slow-cooked Beef Chuck in Malta
Colourful and warm Beef Chuck stew

Nothing beats a warm stew on a chilly evening. Time to re-immagine how comforting a hearty stew can be with slow-cooked meat so tender and rich to melt your heart away. 

Make your stew extra special by trying out La Boucherie Oxtail, Chuck, Rump, Lamb Boneless Shoulder

5. Re-inventing your favourite recipes

Fresh Chicken Tighs in Malta for Roast and Slow-cooking
Fresh Local Chicken thighs prepared and seasoned to perfection

What you can and can’t slow-cook in a slow cooker or oven is simply up to you and your imagination! From your favourite poultry, beef,  pork and lamb you can easily convert the recipes for a slow cooker as it promises to deliver a different touch with the best tenderness and taste you could hope for.

Speak to your trusted butcher or drop us a message so we can help you get the best meat to fit your taste and cravings. Make sure you get the best value from your butcher by following our 8-tip guide.

6. An ideal Healthy Option

Pork Shoulder Roast with vegetables
Slow-cooked roast Pork Shoulder with vegetables

Eating lean and healthy will not be such a burden with slow-cooking. By retaining all the protein in the meat, adding vegetables to your favourite roast dish doesn’t only improve the texture and flavour of your cooking but blends together the aromas of all the ingredients. You won’t just be eating healthy, you’ll look forward to your delicious vegetables.

Try These: Local Chicken Legs, Whole Turkey, Corn Fed Chicken Supreme, Turkey Legs, Turkey Drumsticks

7. Convenience like never before

Turkey Thighs slow-cooked and Roasted
Slow-cooked Boneless Turkey Thighs

Slow cooking is the perfect opportunity to cook a healthy and genuine dish notwithstanding the business of the day. Simply prepare your dish all at once in one dish and let it cook as you carry out your work for the day. There’s nothing better than returning home form a wintery day to a hard-earned warm aroma of hearty food.

Convenience has never been so great, thanks to La Boucherie online store and same day deliveries. Our butchers are always happy to give you our best suggestions and selections! For those who prefer to view and pick the meat for their next roast themselves, our shop in Qormi is open 6 days a week. 

Stay tuned for our upcoming gourmet roasts menu; rich with gourmet meats, prepared in-house and ready for roasting. Fill out your details below to be notified once we launch this menu:

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