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7 Ribeye Facts You Need to Know: From Farm to Fork

Ribeye Malta from La Boucherie

One of the most popular steaks at home and on steakhouse menus for all the right reasons, the ribeye is among the juiciest and most flavourful cuts of beef, much of which owes to its signature marbling. It delivers incredible flavour while maintaining the tenderness of a high-quality cut, balancing both aspects flawlessly.

Continue reading below to discover 7-must know ribeye facts and hacks.

1. What is a ribeye steak cut?

A diagram showcasing from where ribeye is cut
A ribeye steak cut is taken from the upper rib portion

As the name suggests, the ribeye is taken from the upper rib portion of the cow. Specifically, the area between the loin and the shoulder. It is also known by other names, such as ‘cowboy steak’, ‘rib steak’, or ‘prime rib’, depending on the exact part from which the ribeye was cut.

At La Boucherie, you can find a variety of gourmet meats and cuts. Our butcher can guide you on the best ribeye for your needs.

2. Is there more than one type of ribeye steak?

Bone-in ribeye available in Malta
The Cote de Boeuf are ribeye steaks with the bone still in

Traditionally, a ribeye refers to the cut without the bone. The bones are removed to make a boneless joint that is perfect for roasting as a whole (also known as ‘prime rib roast’), or dividing it out into the classic ribeye steaks that we are so familiar with.

That being said, you can opt for ribeye steaks with the bone still attached. This is widely referred to as the ‘Prime Rib’, ‘Cowboy Steak’, ‘Bone-In Ribeye’ or ‘Cote de Boeuf’. These may be slightly trickier to cook as the meat closer to the bone cooks more slowly. Nonetheless, it is worthy challenge for all the meat lovers out there looking for a different, more intense treat.

Explore our selection of Prime Rib and have a go at it your next cook out.

3. What makes a good-quality ribeye?

Ribeye seasoned with salt
Angus fillet is prized for its succulent flavour and tenderness

Beef comes from all over the world but certain producers from certain countries have made a name for themselves with a strong reputation for high quality ribeye. The upbringing of the cattle itself is however the biggest determining factor.

Clean air, abundance of fresh water, and lush pastures allow cows to range and graze freely which reduces stress and promotes better animal welfare. Uruguayan beef is particularly renowned all over the world for being high quality and free-range.

The adage ‘You are what you eat’ also rings true for cattle. The best producers around the globe have perfected a wide array of feeding techniques that each give the beef an exceptionally particular flavour. While both grass-fed and grain-fed beef have plenty of vitamins and minerals, grain-fed (or corn-fed) beef tends to generate an intense complexity of marbling which will then give the steak its juicy meaty taste.

4. How do you get the best cut from your butcher?

Best butcher Malta preparing ribeye
Choose a butcher who purchases cuts from trustworthy suppliers

For countries all over the world, beef production is not just a necessity but a delicacy of national importance. Fine cuts like the American USDA Corn-Fed Ribeye and Japanese Wagyu have developed their own exclusive legal certifications and Grading Scales that meticulously reflect the quality of the ribeye.

Nonetheless, you can immediately judge the quality of the ribeye at first glance. High levels of marbling and a pure red meat are all positive indications that you’re in for a tasty, tender treat.

As Malta’s best butcher, all the meat available at La Boucherie is a guaranteed mark of excellence and something we take pride in as true meat lovers ourselves.

5. Why do we love ribeye so much?

Ribeye seasoned with high quality salt, bought from the best butcher in Malta
Season your ribeye with our signature Falk Salt for that extra touch

The ribeye is undoubtedly a fan favourite and often wins against other cuts of beef when it comes to popularity. But why?

It’s the fat.


The muscles of the cow that are highly active, burn out a lot more fat and thus result in a tough cuts of beef. On the other hand, the upper rib area of the cow performs very little to no activity. This leads to a much higher fat content.

Even though some people might be put off by the higher fat content, it has its own health benefits especially when consumed in moderation.

If still in doubt, when shopping online from La Boucherie, you can ask any questions you may have using our live chat-box; which you can see at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Our butcher is always happy to give you our best suggestions!

6. How to cook ribeye to perfection

Cook your steak over the grill
Ribeye is one of the best cuts for the grill

You don’t need to be a pro chef to cook a good ribeye as long as you stick to the standard internal temperature. Regardless of the cooking method, the fat is likely to melt away revealing a juicy flavourful steak. However, cooking methods using high heat tend to produce the most succulent results.

While the ribeye is a good cut of steak to cook in a pan or on the BBQ grill, it is best cooked in a cast iron skillet. This method lets it cook slower than if it were barbecued which allows the fat to tenderise. Simply pan-sear with a small amount of butter and a generous sprinkle of premium Swedish Falksalt, and pepper after searing.

If you’re looking to grill your steak, we recommend a maximum of 3 minutes per side for the perfect medium rare steak. Keep a close eye on it unless you’re a fan of burnt steak! Have long tongs ready in case of a flare up due to the high fat content.

Whichever way you decide to cook it, a high-quality ribeye is sure to provide the utmost steak eating experience.

7. Our selection of high-quality gourmet ribeyes

Buy ribeye from the best butcher shop in Malta
Rich in flavour, ribeye is without a doubt one of the best meat-choices you could make

At La Boucherie, we are committed to ensuring high quality meat that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home. You can find several gourmet ribeye steaks such as USDA Corn Fed Ribeye Prime, Uruguayan Angus Grain Fed Rib Eye, and WX Wagyu Ribeye on our online shop or in store that will make you see what the fuss is about.

Are you ready to fire up the grill and impress as a newfound Ribeye guru?

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