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10 cuts of meat from your butcher that offer the best bang for your buck

10 Cuts of Meat that Offer the Best Bang for your Buck

The festive season has come to an end and we’re all recovering from the decadent meals and feasts that we indulged in during Christmas and New Year.

While our bellies may still be full, our wallets usually tell a different story this time of year. After all the lavish gift-buying and shopping, our bank accounts need to recover as well.

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Perfect Pork Roast - Tips from our butcher

5 Easy Steps To Cook The Perfect Pork Roast

A delicious pork roast is welcome any day but is most commonly served for Sunday lunch or during the festive season.

Since it’s not a dish that we eat regularly, many feel lost on how to cook up a roast for their family or friends. So how can you guarantee the perfect roasted pork?

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Ribeye Malta from La Boucherie

7 Ribeye Facts You Need to Know: From Farm to Fork

When you ask meat lovers what their favourite steaks are, ribeye always makes their list of top picks. The ribeye is renowned all around the world as the king of flavour and has long been known as the icon of steaks. From meat aficionados to casual meat eaters, we’ve all heard about this cut and here’s what the fuss is all about.

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Bresse chicken

Introducing Royalty: The Bresse Chicken

Hailing all the way from the picturesque valleys of Bresse France, La Boucherie brings the royalty of Chicken to Malta: the Bresse bird – Queen of Chickens. So what makes the Bresse Chicken so special? 1. The Queen of Chickens Region of Bresse in France, home to the Bresse Chicken First off, these Chickens form

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USDA Beef from the best butcher in Malta

The 8 Grades of USDA Beef You Need to Know

USDA beef is acclaimed to be one of the finest quality cuts available on the Maltese market. Yet, many people are unaware that there are a total of 8 different grades of USDA beef – which vary greatly in both quality and taste.

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The 2 World-Class Types of Lamb You Need to Know About This Easter

Easter celebrations are filled with tradition and the dinner table is no exception. Lamb is a family-favourite dish synonymous with this time of year. At La Boucherie we’ve made sure to offer the finest selection of lamb products to make sure you can celebrate Easter with a grandiose feast like no other!

Here are 2 exceptional brands bringing you the world’s finest lamb cuts.

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Wagyu Beef cuts offer the best level of meat marbling

Marbling and its incredible magic on meat

We’ve heard the term marbling quite a lot but few people really know what all the fuss around it is about. Let us guide you through all the key notes you need to know about marbling and its importance in meat!

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Lean Beef Knuckle

7 flavourful lean meats to include in a healthy diet

Filled with boozy lunches and lots of laughs, Christmas season usually takes its toll once we get up on those weighing scales on 1st January. We’re recommending 7 lean, yet very flavourful meats to help you get your healthy diets back on track going into 2021.

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