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Easily Elevate Your Meats With Our 4 Delectable Sauces

Pepper sauces

Picture it. You’ve grilled your meat to perfection, you plate it next to a side of roasted potatoes fresh out of the oven and crunchy roasted veggies. Your dish smells divine and you simply can’t wait to sink your teeth into that juicy steak. But is there anything else you could possibly add to make this dish even more irresistible? We can recommend adding rich and tasty steak sauces!

Sauces can easily enhance your meat’s natural flavours, add juicy moisture and even improve the texture of your food. To infuse your meat dishes with more complexity of taste, try pairing your steak with a rich red wine reduction or a creamy peppercorn sauce. Whether you want to make your own sauce or are looking for a high-quality premade option, at La Boucherie, we make it easy for you to add a touch of creamy goodness to their gourmet dinners.

Wondering which sauces go best with your meat? Keep reading for our expert advice on meat and sauce pairing!

Pepper sauces

Classic Sauces That Go With Your Meat: Check Out Our Gourmet Selection!

Although not everyone has the time to make their own sauce, that doesn’t mean you have to do without! At La Boucherie, we stock a selection of pre-prepared gourmet sauces. Use these to perfectly pair with our wide range of fresh meat. Here are our top picks:

1. Pepper Sauce

Creamy pepper sauce is a steakhouse classic! If you want a perfect pairing for all juicy steaks, this traditional sauce packs a bold and peppery punch. It is beautifully balanced out by the rich, creaminess of the white sauce. Being a savoury sauce with an incredible depth of flavour, many meat lovers enjoy a generous serving of pepper sauce.

Purchase our pepper sauces here: Salsus 1L Pepper sauce & Home Chef 250ML Pepper Sauce.

2. Red Wine Sauce

Flavourful and rich without being overpowering, a red wine sauce is another delicious pairing for your steak. As a full-bodied red wine carries a high amount of tannins, the fatty part of the steak is softened and its natural flavours are exquisitely enhanced. Undeniably, a red wine sauce is delicious on its own merits but being also a natural companion for any juicy steak, adding a red wine sauce can effortlessly elevate your dish to exceptional heights.

Purchase our Red Wine sauces here: Salsus 1L Red Wine sauce & Home Chef 250ML Red Wine Sauce.

3. Hollandaise Sauce

This versatile sauce is great for your poached eggs, steak, salmon and green veggies! Made from a combination of egg yolks, butter, lemon and mustard, Hollandaise sauce is loved for its deliciously creamy texture which you can pair well with most dishes. In fact, despite being a famous component of eggs benedict, Hollandaise sauce goes beautifully with a thick ribeye steak or on top of traditional roast beef.

Purchase our Hollandaise sauces here: Salsus 1L Hollandaise sauce & Home Chef 250ML Hollandaise sauce.

4. Béarnaise Sauce

If you love Hollandaise sauce you will surely love Béarnaise sauce. It is a scrumptious French sauce that is typically served with a steak at fine dining restaurants or high-end steakhouses. Building on the classic Hollandaise with white wine vinegar, shallots and tarragon, Béarnaise has a smooth and creamy texture. This balances out the thick texture of the meat, whilst the tarragon and shallots work to accentuate the steak’s natural savoury flavours.

Purchase our Béarnaise sauce here: Salsus 1L Béarnaise sauce.

Make Your Own Sauces with Stock and Fond

If you love being in the kitchen and are simply itching to create your own delicious sauces, we suggest that you start by purchasing good-quality stocks and fonds. Stock and fond are essential to making great-tasting sauce or gravy that is packed full of natural flavours.

At La Boucherie, we offer a selection of naturally made, high-quality stocks and fonds which you can purchase. Chicken, beef, fish and vegetable stock, as well as an array of fonds which include veal and game: all of these may be used to enhance your home-made sauces and gravy. Yielding richer and deeper flavours, we guarantee these will become your secret ingredients.

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