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Introducing Royalty: The Bresse Chicken

Bresse chicken

Hailing all the way from the picturesque valleys of Bresse France, La Boucherie brings the royalty of Chicken to Malta: the Bresse bird – Queen of Chickens.

So what makes the Bresse Chicken so special?

1. The Queen of Chickens

Bresse France
Region of Bresse in France, home to the Bresse Chicken

First off, these Chickens form part of an elite group of poultry that can only be raised in France and cannot be considered to be a Bresse Chicken otherwise. Raised specifically for meat, the bird produces a medium amount of cream coloured eggs in its lifetime. Other countries have attempted to create their own range of Bresse Chicken but nothing beats the real thing.

2. Royal Lineage

Queen of chickens
The Bresse chicken is known for its unique taste

Its genetic lineage allows the Bresse chicken to metabolize food differently and this gives the meat a whole new dimension of taste bursting with unique flavour. The meat-to-bone ratio is also very different from chickens in Malta and those found everywhere else in the world. Bresse chickens have thinner and daintier bones than their chicken counter parts.

3. VIP Treatment

Elite Group of Chickens
The Bresse Chicken is raised by specialised breeders.

The Bresse Chicken is so special that it cannot be raised by just any breeder in fact, only a handful of breeders in France are allowed to raise the prized bird under the strictest of guidelines. As chicks they are fed a diet of dairy after which they are moved on to pasture and finally finished on a diet of corn and dairy. For a Bresse to be authentic it must have eaten from the regions produce right down to the insects that belong to the area.

No wonder they are referred to as royalty.

4. Bon Appétit

High quality poultry
The meat is so rich in quality that it does not need too much in terms of seasoning

Once processed and plucked, the bird is wrapped in a special bag that helps to preserve the meat whilst putting pressure all around to distribute the fat more evenly. Like any other high-end meat, the Bresse Chicken does not need much in terms of additives or seasoning because the chicken is very rich in flavour which would perhaps require just a little bit of wine, some cream and mushroom.

Go on give it a try, you know you want to. Click here to order your Bresse Chicken.

BONUS: Are you a chicken lover? Have a browse through our poultry section here.

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