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Canadian HQB Flap Meat (2kg)

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Bavette (French name or Flap Steak also Churrasco) is a lesser-known cut every steak lover needs to know. Popular with Asian, Latin American, and French chefs who love its full-bodied beef flavor, it’s grown in popularity here in Canada.

Our bavette is packed with more marbling and richness. Also, know as the less flattering name “flap meat” this is a steak worth exploring. Like skirt steak, the bavette has a pronounced grain and it’s critical to cut against the grain.

Bavette loves high heat so sear on a hot grill or cast iron pan and serve medium-rare. This delicious cut loves to be marinated, so feel free to use your favorite profile for a delectable meal.

The bavette is cut from an irregular shaped section of beef so each one is a little different. No matter what shape, this is a butcher’s secret to be enjoyed.


4.058 kg, 3.766 kg, 4.556 kg, 3.079 kg, 3.988 kg, 3.476 kg


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