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Free Delivery on orders €50 and over

Free Delivery on orders €50 and over

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Marabu Charcoal (THE BLACK 10kg)


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Introducing our premium Quebracho Charcoal from La Boucherie, made from the wood of the white holm oak tree found in the lush forests of Paraguay. Unlike European charcoal, our product is characterized by its extended burning time, delivering an uninterrupted, authentic grilling experience.

Our product also offers a mild smoke flavor that perfectly complements the natural flavors of your ingredients. The large-sized pieces, ranging from 50 to 200 mm, provide even heat distribution, making grilling a breeze. Plus, you can easily save any unused charcoal by simply extinguishing it and storing it in a dry place for your next BBQ session.

At La Boucherie, we understand that the foundation of a great BBQ lies in high-quality charcoal. That’s why we source only the finest Quebracho wood to produce our premium charcoal, ensuring that your BBQ is a cut above the rest. Whether you’re a seasoned griller or just starting out, our product is the perfect choice to elevate your grilling game.

Fire up the grill and experience the unparalleled flavor and performance of our product. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – choose our premium product for your next BBQ. Shop the rest of our beef range here. 


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