WX Wagyu Fillet (800g)

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WX by Rangers Valley is Wagyu, cross bred with the very best genetics to create something new and unique to a market looking for something rare and exclusive. Ours isn’t like other cross bred wagyu. It stands alone as a product because it’s not just about the wagyu component – or the marble score. It’s about a newly developed and artfully crafted evolution. This evolution is equally the wagyu and marble score, plus a deliberate and artful cross breeding – a lineage nexus where one great ancient breed meets another to create a flavour, performance and undeniable quality that’s impossible to define.

Melt in the mouth flavour, texture and that mystifying umami, WX by Rangers Valley brings an eating quality unlike other beef. Known for its intelligent cross breeding, resultant marble score and relentlessly buttery mouthfeel, WX is used by Chefs all over the world with exciting results.

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Available from 10th Nov, 1.19 kg, 0.708 kg, 0.662 kg, 0.558 kg, 0.818 kg, 0.336 kg, 0.25 kg, 0.506 kg, 0.672 kg, 0.416 kg, 0.394 kg, 0.858 kg, 0.682 kg, 0.66 kg, 0.696 kg, 0.614 kg, 0.88 kg, 0.816 kg, 0.866 kg, 0.652 kg, 0.748 kg, 0.554 kg, 1.188 kg, 0.756 kg, 0.676 kg, 0.74 kg, 0.726 kg, 0.684 kg, 0.9 kg, 1.092 kg, 0.86 kg, 1.166 kg, 0.694 kg, 1.06 kg, 3.036 kg, 2.752 kg, 3.152 kg, 3.328 kg, 2.678 kg, 2.73 kg, 3.094 kg, 2.882 kg, 1.185 kg, 0.844 kg, 0.76 kg, 0.848 kg, 0.712 kg, 1.03 kg, 1.254 kg, 0.58 kg, 0.508 kg, 0.494 kg, 0.436 kg, 0.59 kg


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