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2 World-Class Types Of Lamb For The Ultimate Easter

Iberico Lamb

Iberico Lamb meat available in Malta from La Boucherie Butcher

Coming from the picture-perfect hills of the Pyrenes mountains, the highly exclusive Iberico Lamb is indigenous to the region of Aragon. This pure-breed sheep is specifically known as ‘Rasa Aragonesa’ and has even been fittingly described as the ‘Kobe of the Lamb’ by the celebrated Michelin star French chef, Paul Bocusse.

Iberian farmers look after their prized breeds with great care and passion. They continuously strive to enhance the animal’s luxury innate qualities. Iberico Lamb are only fed breast milk, corn and sunflower seeds. As a result, this specific diet gives the meat a uniquely superb aroma that makes every bite oozing with flavour.

Thanks to its unique upbringing, Iberico lamb also enjoys a unique complexity of marbling which is not usually common in this type of meat.

The astounding qualities of Iberico lamb can be enjoyed in a variety of cuts including Boneless Loin, Leg Hind Shanks or the iconic Frenched Rack and Lamb Chops.

Silver Fern Lamb

New Zealand Lamb meat by Silver Fern Farms by La Boucherie wholesale butcher in Malta
Nurtured with love and respect towards nature, Silver Fern Lamb is the hallmark of New Zealand Meats. 

Silver Fern Farms are found on the lush-green pastures of New Zealand. The innate premium qualities of this meat lie within its delicate upbringing. Silver Fern sheep enjoy an abundance of clean water, fresh air and lush green grass all year round.

The Silver Fern Farms is a close-knit community of dedicated farmers who really take the meaning of ‘as one with nature’ to a whole new level. Remarkably, the respect they show to the eco-system which they form part of allows the animals to grow strong, healthy and lean. All sheep are 100% grass-fed making sure they grow healthily without the need of any antibiotics or added hormones.

This effort surely pays off. The meat that is produced has a consistently delicious taste. Undoubtedly, its distinctive flavour boasts the mark of red meat as nature intended it to be.

Indulge yourself to a delectable dish of slow roasted Shanks, a Stuffed Leg of Lamb or any of the carefully selected meats which Silver Fern has to offer.

Bonus – All Silver Fern products are accompanied by excellent cooking suggestions and recipes which truly inspire the joy of cooking.

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