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The 6 Biggest Steak Mistakes, And How To Avoid Them

Steak being cut

MISTAKE #1: Cooking the steak whilst its still cold

fridge - mistakes 1
Never place meat straight on the grill as soon as its taken out of the refrigerator

One of the many common mistakes people make is getting your steak out of the fridge and placing it straight on the grill is an absolute no-go. Starting to cook your steak whilst it is still cold typically results in burning the steak’s outer areas, whilst the inner part remains raw.

Rather, you should always bring your steak out of the fridge and leave it to rest for around 1-2 hours prior to cooking.

We understand that its hard to be patient whilst waiting to cook one of La Boucherie’s juicy steaks; but that 1 hour wait will surely be worth it.

MISTAKE #2: Using low-quality seasoning

salt & pepper - mistakes 2
Bring out your steak’s full flavours by adding our high-quality FalkSalt

Don’t miss out on the best possible version of your steak due to the use of a low quality table salt. Seasoning your steak with high-quality rubs, salts and spices is essential in bringing out your steak’s full potential.

Prior to grilling your steak, we recommend a hearty rub of rich, chunky, natural salt; as well as some nicely ground pepper.

Our selection of FalkSalt includes 8 different salt-based seasonings, ranging from pure natural salt, to salt infused with red chilli, chipotle, garlic and more! Our FalkSalt range has a flakey, crystal-like texture, enabling the salt to melt when sprinkled over meat that’s just come off the grill.

MISTAKE #3: Cutting your steak too soon

grilling - mistakes 3
Always be sure to leave your steak rest for around 10 minutes before cutting it

Everyone’s first instinct is to dig into a steak the moment it gets off the grill. Although this is extremely tempting to do, you must always avoid it.

Whilst meat is cooking, its internal fibers shrink, emitting moisture throughout the steak. Cutting the meat as soon as it gets off the grill results in spilling out all of these delicious juices created during the cooking process; leaving you with a drier, less tasty steak.

Our butchers recommend covering your steak in foil and leaving it to rest for around 10 minutes. This way, the steak will manage to absorb all of its juices, whilst remaining warm due to the foil’s protection.

MISTAKE #4: Not using a steak thermometer

thermometer - mistakes 4
Check your steak’s internal temperature to know how well your steak is cooked

No matter how expert you are, its hard to cook your steak to perfection every single time. And that’s okay, because looks can be deceiving!

Sometimes, your steak may look perfectly cooked on the outside, by remained really raw on the inside.

The best way to mitigate this problem is by using a proper thermometer. Note, we do not recommend cutting the meat open to look inside, as this will result in the same problem outlined in MISTAKE #3.

When using a meat thermometer, bring the temperature to the following readings, according to your cooking preference:

  • 52°C for Rare Steaks
  • 57°C for Medium-Rare Steaks
  • 63°C for Medium Steaks
  • 66°C for Medium-Well Steaks
  • 71°C for Well-Done Steaks

MISTAKE #5: Using oil with a low smoking point

oil - mistakes
Dark oils have a low smoking point, causing them to sometimes overpower the meat’s taste

Although applauded for its health benefits, extra virgin olive oil is definitely not the ideal oil to use when cooking a steak. This is because extra virgin olive oil has a relatively low smoking point, which could cause its fumes to overpower the meat’s flavour.

When choosing an oil to use for cooking a steak, remember this one key rule: the lighter the oil, the higher the smoking point.

Some good-quality light oils include: peanut oil, canola oil, and extra light olive oil.

MISTAKE #6: Choosing a lean steak

rare meat - mistakes
Well-marbled steaks have a much richer taste than those that are lean

When choosing a steak, always look for a good level of marbling.

Marbling refers to the inter-muscular fat present in a steak; characterised by evenly dispersed white streaks throughout the steak.

Marbling is an essential component in the steak’s overall flavours; as the fat melts, dispersing itself throughout the steak whilst being cooked. This leaves the steak with incredible flavours oozing out of every bite.

Check out our selection of ribeye steaks, guaranteed to have the best marbling available on the market. To see the full selection, just click here!

BONUS: How to Cook the Perfect Steak

perfect steak
All products on our online shop have cooking recommendations written down

At La Boucherie, it is of utmost importance for us to ensure that all customers have enjoyed their steak to the full!

Therefore, each product on our online store is accompanies with a ‘cooking recommendation’ section, providing you with easy to follow cooking instructions.

Moreover, our skilled team of butchers are always ready to assist you. If you need any guidance, just send us a Facebook message by clicking the chat-box on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

We hope you found this guide useful, and are onto greener pastures (no pun intended ?) in your ‘steak-cooking’ ventures!

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