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The Burger Elite: Introducing the Fantastic 4

Burgers Malta

It is no secret that the richness one finds in quality meats makes for an unparalleled culinary experience. This has led to the misconception that such cuts would not be fit for burgers, that this form would somehow take away from the rich flavour of the meat, thus making it taste like any other ordinary burger…


When prepared correctly, high-quality meats can be used to create the most elevated form of burger that retains all the delicious qualities that make these cuts so great.

Introducing the Fantastic Four of La Boucherie’s Elite Burgers.

1. The Wagyu Superstar

Wagyu burger malta
House-made Wagyu burgers available at La Boucherie

Originating from the mountainous terrains of Japan, Wagyu has made its way to other parts of the globe including Australia. Carefully chosen for genetic perfection, the Australian Wagyu is a crossbreed of its Japanese counterpart. The WX Wagyu Burgers are the burgers from Down Under crafted in-house with a mix of WX Wagyu Brisket & WX Wagyu Chuck Roll. Their tender texture, buttery feel, juicy composition and unbelievable flavour truly makes this the superstar of burgers.

2. The Sashi Olympian

Sashi burgers malta
As exclusive importers of award-winning Sashi Beef, we’ve launched mouth-watering Sashi Burgers

The three-time gold medal winner of the World Steak Challenge the Sashi Meat is a tough one to beat. Rich in aroma, colour, flavour and marbling, the Finnish grown meat is sold exclusively to La Boucherie in Malta. Get a taste of Olympian greatness with our in-house made Sashi Burger.

3. The Colorado Cowboy

USDA Burgers Malta
Black Angus USDA Burgers, prized for their rich and buttery taste

Corn fed and USDA certified, hailing all the way from the United States, the Colorado Black Angus Beef Burger is the real deal. The superior marbling of the beef enhances the tenderness and flavour of the burger.

4. The Irish Charmer

Irish Angus Burger Malta
Our Irish Angus burgers are 100% made in-house using the best quality chuck on the market

Your favourite Irish beef import can now be consumed as a burger with our Irish Angus Burger made in-house from our delicious Irish Chuck Roll cuts. The mix of tender and tough muscle, stemming from meat found between the ribs and the backbone, is expertly configured into a beef patty for your grilling pleasure.

Our BBQ Specials Menu, featuring burgers and much more

Looking for more barbeque specials? Check out our house-made menu of gourmet BBQ specials to go with your burger meal.

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