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Turkey and 6 Great Meats for the Ultimate Christmas Feast

Beef Wellington is a rich, flavourful dish that is perfect as a Christmas recipe

1. Roast Turkey

Whole Christmas Turkey to roast in Malta
The traditional Roast Turkey, stuffed and roasted for Christmas Dinners.

Without any doubt, turkey is the uncontested all-time classic meat for a traditional Christmas dinner and its place as the centrepiece of our dining tables has been cemented for hundreds of years. When preparing a turkey dinner, keeping the turkey meat juicy and golden is perceived to be the hardest part. However, it is easier than you think!

From cooking a simple Turkey Breast to a Stuffed Turkey Breast or a full-blown Whole Turkey. Make sure you cover the dish with foil to keep in all the moisture in the Christmas Turkey and to maintain the turkey’s natural flavours.

Sprinkle the Turkey with a pinch of Salt to give your dinner a unique added crisp!

2. Roast Goose

Whole Goose roasted for Christmas Dinner in Malta
As a red meat bird Roast Goose is best served medium-rare for maximum taste.

Everyone’s familiar with the good old Christmas turkey, but why not go for a deliciously different alternative like a Whole Goose. Goose is a bird of a different feather whose presence as a festive meal has has historically pre-dated Turkey and we think is worthy of earning a spot on your dinner table this Christmas.

Goose meat is not only very rich in taste, but it is also a healthier alternative providing a great ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 and a great source of protein.

3. Stuffed Pork Shoulder 

Stuffed Pork Shoulder for Christmas Dinner
Made in-house, our Stuffed Pork Shoulder is amde using high quality ingredients by our expert butchers.

Even though we are used to eating pork all year round, you can be assured that a Stuffed Pork Shoulder promises to be a showstopper this Christmas and usher in a uniquely diverse palate to this popular meat.

Our Stuffed Pork Shoulder is prepared in-house by our experienced butchers with great attention and care, creating a flavoursome combination of fine pork stuffed with Maltese Sausage and bacon. All that’s left is for you to pop it in the oven for a few minutes and enjoy a heavenly Christmas dinner with no stress at all!

4. Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington with beef fillet and puff pastry made in-house by La Boucherie for Christmas Dinners
A staple English dish characterised by tender meat and crispy pastry.

For those of you who are looking for a wholesome meal which truly speaks Christmas, a Beef Wellington is the ultimate dish to indulge your guests with. Beef Wellington holds a special place in English Cuisine and offers a wonderful twist to the traditional meat dishes. You can put your mind to rest that with a beef wellington you’ll certainly be hitting the right spot with and on top it all off, it’s incredibly easy to cook and serve!

Our house-made Beef Wellington is prepared using top-quality Uruguayan Angus Beef Fillet, perfected to taste with mushroom brandy, mustard, thyme, Parma ham, puff pastry, eggs, salt and pepper.

5. Frenched Pork Rack

Iberico Frenched Rack from Spanish Iberico Pork to serve for Christmas Dinner
An Iberico Frenched Rack will truly bring an outside the box dish to your Christmas Dinner

What better to serve at your Christmas dinner than a truly western speciality?

For those of you who would like to try out something outside-the-box, an Iberico Pork Rack is a wonderful choice of meat to roast for your family and guests this christmas.

Coming from the back of the Spanish Iberico Pig, the meat has a rich nutty flavour and thanks to its fat content releases a delectable gravy when roasted.

6. Venison Fillet

Rich Venison FIllet from La Boucherie in Malta
Our sous-vide pork ribs are prepared over a 12-hour period, in-house by our skilled butchers

Bring an exotic touch to your dinner table this Christmas with Venison fillet.

Beyond the conventional meats found on the supermarket shelves, Venison brings the unmistakable wild taste of grass-fed deer meat to your plate. Its’ beautiful deep aroma promises to be an elegant Christmas dinner highlight so hearty and so lush.

Venison fillet is easy to cook and a there is a great variety of recipes available to suit different palates. You can even go the extra mile and serve a very gourmet-looking Venison Wellington!

7. Roast Duck

Whole Duck to stuff and roast for Christmas Dinner in Malta
As a juicy bird with a crispy skin, Duck is ideal for festive occasions.

The reputation of Duck meat as an exquisite poultry has been gathering quite a reputation lately. However, it remains one of those dishes which most people shy-away from when it comes to cooking.

Retaining its place as an extremely popular delicacy in Nordic countries like Denmark, Duck is one of the most popular meats for Christmas Dinners. A Whole Duck can gracefully endow your dinner table and can be stuffed in a similar manner as a Turkey, yet offer an amazingly succulent meat with a crispier texture, especially when slow roasted.

The incredibly tasting duck fat which melts away from the meat when roasted proves to be an excellent seasoning for roast potatoes, promising a unique taste which will blow you away!

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