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Wagyu Beef Available in Malta: Here are 8 Interesting Wagyu Facts you Need to Know

Wagyu beef is available at La Boucherie in Malta

1. Why the name “Wagyu”?

Well-marbled Wagyu beef available at La Boucherie
Well-marbled Wagyu beef available at La Boucherie

The name Wagyu involves the combination of 2 Japanese words:

  • “wa” … meaning Japan
  • “gyu” … meaning cow

This is because Wagyu beef originates from Japan, and is a specific type of black Japanese cow.

2. Wagyu cows are treated like kings

Black Wagyu cattle, bred in Japan
Black Wagyu cattle, bred in Japan

If you’ve tried Wagyu beef before, you’d know that the taste is extremely flavourful; mainly due to Wagyu’s rich marbling.

This abundant level of marbling is no coincidence. Rather, it is a result of the methods that Wagyu farmers use when rearing this black-coloured cattle.

The cows are kept in a totally stress-free environment, usually in mountainous terrain and far away from any other human settlements. This is paired with a very specific diet, and frequent massages to keep the cow’s muscles relaxed.

3. You are what you eat; and Wagyu is no exception

Medium-rare Wagyu beef
Medium-rare Wagyu beef

Wagyu cows are fed a very nutrient-rich diet, primarily based on high-quality grains and/or grass (depends on the procedures adopted at the specific Wagyu farm).

To add even more nutrition to their diet, Wagyu cows are also fed extra vitamins and calcium.

4. Wagyu is produced in multiple parts of the world

Wagyu beef is available from our butcher shop in Qormi, Malta
Wagyu beef is available from our butcher shop in Qormi, Malta

Although Wagyu cattle originates in Japan, over the years, it has made its way across the globe, leading to the overseas breeding of Wagyu cattle.

Nonetheless, Japan remains the largest producer of Wagyu, followed by Australia and the USA.

Wagyu production in Europe still remains quite small, with the first herds of Wagyu cattle being imported in the early 2000s.

For the best quality and well-priced imports of Wagyu beef, visit our butcher shop in Qormi to see what Wagyu we’ve got in store. You can also browse our selections directly here.

5. Wagyu is nutrient rich

Wagyu is densely marbled due to inter-muscular fats
Wagyu is densely marbled due to inter-muscular fats

Wagyu beef is dense with healthy mono-saturated fats, including Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.

(I guess that’s a good enough excuse for us meat lovers to indulge in some top-quality Wagyu!)

6. A low melting point is Wagyu’s secret

La Boucherie's Wagyu beef will literally melt in your mouth
La Boucherie’s Wagyu beef will literally melt in your mouth

The inter-muscular fats in Wagyu beef have a very low melting point, which is why this beef literally melts in your mouth.

It is advisable not to cook Wagyu steak any further than medium rare, as this could result in burning off the beef’s flavoursome fat.

For each cut of meat listed on our online store, you can view the precise cooking instructions. For example, check out these detailed instruction on cooking our WX Wagyu Flap Meat.

7. The Japanese use a strict ranking system to grade Wagyu

A5 Miyazaki Wagyu beef is now in Malta, available at La Boucherie
A5 Miyazaki Wagyu beef is now in Malta, available at La Boucherie

The Japanese grade Wagyu based on two types of scores:

i. Yield score; which is the estimated % of edible cuts from the cattle. The yield score ranges from A to C, with A being the best ranking. Only full-blood Wagyu can receive an A rating.

ii. Quality score; this is based on 4 key factors: marbling, texture and firmness, colour and brightness, and fat quality. The quality score ranges from 1 to 5, with 5 being the best ranking.

Wagyu quality rating scale
Wagyu quality-score rating scale

Overall, the best ranking that Wagyu beef may get is A5.

8. All Kobe is Wagyu, but not all Wagyu is Kobe

The Hyogo county is home to Kobe
The Hyogo county (red) is home to Kobe beef

Kobe is the most exclusive meat in the world, with top chefs and restaurants across the globe paying top dollar for the ‘rolls-royce’ of meat.

For Wagyu beef to become certified as Kobe, it has to meet extremely specific criteria.

The list of criteria are as follows:

  1. The cattle breed has to be Japanese Kuroushi
  2. The cattle must be bred in the Japanese province of Tajima… more specifically, from Hyogo, which is a county located in Tajima
  3. The cattle must be slaughtered at specifically appointed slaughterhouses

From over 1.5 billion cattle in the world, each year, only 3,000 are certified as Kobe.

Our Wagyu Selections

La Boucherie are importers of premium quality Wagyu beef, now available in Malta. Our selections of Wagyu include Japanese Wagyu and Australian Wagyu:

  • A5 & A4 Miyazaki Wagyu from Japan
  • WX Rangers Valley Wagyu from Australia

For other fine quality cuts of beef that are less expensive than Wagyu, we recommend trying out our USDA, or our Sashi Beef. Sashi beef actually won the world ‘s best steak in 2018-19, and is now exclusively available at La Boucherie. We guarantee that these cuts of beef will make you say ‘WOW’! 

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