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Free Delivery on orders €50 and over

Free Delivery on orders €50 and over


G.M.0 Free Whole Chicken (1.5kg-2.2kg)


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At La Boucherie, we believe in providing our customers with the best quality meat possible, which is why we’re proud to offer Campese chicken – a product that represents a perfect balance of quality, innovation and tradition. Our Campese chicken is raised outdoors without the use of antibiotics and is completely GMO-free.

Our Campese chickens are free to scratch and roam outdoors in large enclosed spaces, surrounded by lush vegetation, from sunrise to sunset. This natural environment helps to develop a defined and consistent musculature, resulting in a firmer and tastier meat that performs exceptionally well when cooked.

GMO-free means that they are free from any genetically modified organisms and that no artificial ingredients or chemicals have been used in their production. Our commitment to providing only the best quality meat means that you can trust that our Campese chicken is not only delicious but also wholesome and healthy.

Whether you’re cooking for a crowd or preparing a family dinner, our Campese whole chicken is a delicious and healthy choice.

Try our GMO-free whole chicken today and experience the delicious taste of high-quality, ethically sourced chicken. Order online now and enjoy the convenience of having gourmet meat delivered straight to your door. Shop the rest of our poultry range here.


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