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Pork Fillet Local (600g)


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Product Description

One of the most tender and delicious parts of the pork. It is easy to slice and portion due to its even size.

Note: 500g serves approximately 2 portions.

Prepare pork fillet with great care, the meat is very lean and quickly turns dry and uninspiring. An internal temperature of 65°C is enough. During grilling, the fillet should initially be exposed to high heat for a short while, and then the cooking finished at a low heat.

Most cream sauces suit the mild taste of the pork fillet.

Whole roasted fillet of pork with a creamy chanterelle sauce. The fillet gets sufficient time to get ready in the oven (and under foil outside the oven), while you – in the same pan – prepare a creamy chanterelle sauce.


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