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Ruote Pazze (500g)


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Cylindrical cut, about 22 mm high. It has a wheel shape with an outer crown (Ø 25 mm) geared to the hub (Ø 6 mm) by 6 spokes (about 9 mm). Crown, hub and spokes have different thicknesses that give a particular sensation to the chewing, similar to the combination of crumb and crust of a good piece of bread; sensation which is greatly appreciated by gourmets.
According to Salento tradition, the name ‘Ruote Pazze’ (Crazy Wheels) derives from its not so perfect round shape. Yet when cooked they do not go flat as it happens to ‘rigatoni’ and ‘paccheri’ but remain well taut. This allows the sauce to fill freely inside and remain there.
With our ‘Delicate Method’ we obtain, as the picture shows, a porous ‘texture’ that is ‘open’ to absorb the sauces and create a perfect amalgam.
Mention of the ‘Ruote Pazze’ mould is present in a 1938 inventory of our establishment. Since then, the ‘Ruote Pazze’ have had a great ongoing success in Italy and abroad, and they are present in the menus of many restaurants some of them among the most renowned in the world.

Cooking time: 12-13 min.

Ruote Pazze with sundried tomatoes, almonds and aubergines

Ingridients for 4 persons
500 g Benedetto Cavallieri Ruote Pazze
120 g sundried tomatoes
100 g peeled almonds
1 aubergine
olive oil
15 basil leaves
salt and pepper

Heat a pan, toast the peeled almonds in a non-stick pan for 10 minutes, turning them with a wooden spoon. In the blender mix the almonds, the dried tomatoes and half of the basil. Add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and salt and pepper. In a pan, bring three fingers of oil to a boil, in which you will fry the aubergine cut into cubes of half a centimeter each, which, once ready, dry with paper towels. Boil the salted water where you will cook the pasta, keeping a few tablespoons of the cooking water aside. Once the Crazy Wheels are cooked al dente, mix them in a bowl with the pesto of dried tomatoes and almonds, the cooking water of the pasta and the rest of basil. Place the warm or cold pasta on the plate with the diced fried aubergines and a last basil leaf to decorate the dish.


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