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USDA Corn Fed Picanha (2kg)

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As a gourmet butcher shop that prides itself on sourcing top-quality cuts from around the globe, La Boucherie is dedicated to offering the very best to our valued customers. When it comes to picanha USDA choice, Creekstone Farms Natural Protocols set a new standard for excellence.

Creekstone Farms follows a strict set of natural protocols that prioritize the well-being of their cattle and the quality of their beef. This includes a commitment to never using antibiotics, added hormones, growth promoting drugs, or artificial ingredients in the raising of their cattle. Instead, their cattle are raised on a 100% vegetarian diet, providing them with the natural nutrition they need to thrive.

One of the unique aspects of Creekstone Farms’ approach is their rigorous verification process, which ensures that the beef can be traced back to the ranch of birth. This level of transparency and traceability is unmatched, giving you peace of mind knowing exactly where your picanha USDA choice cut comes from.

In addition to their natural protocols, Creekstone Farms also upholds humane animal handling practices, prioritizing the welfare of their cattle throughout the entire process. This commitment to ethical practices takes longer and requires more work, but Creekstone Farms believes it’s the right thing to do to ensure the highest quality beef possible.

At La Boucherie, we are proud to offer Creekstone Farms picanha USDA choice, knowing that it meets our stringent standards for quality, flavour, and ethical practices. The picanha cut, also known as the sirloin cap, is a highly sought-after cut known for its rich flavor and tenderness. When you choose Creekstone Farms picanha USDA choice from La Boucherie, you can be confident that you are getting a top-quality cut of beef that will elevate your culinary creations to new heights. Experience the unparalleled taste and quality of Creekstone Farms picanha USDA choice, and indulge in the finest beef for your gourmet dining experience. Shop the rest of our beef range here.

Note: 2.5 kg serves approximately 8 portions.


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