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7 Tricks for Creating the Perfect Beef Roast that are Easy to Apply

Beef roast

At La Boucherie, we believe that a perfectly cooked beef roast is the hallmark of a memorable holiday meal. Follow along as we share seven tried-and-true tricks to ensure your roast is a succulent masterpiece. From the seasoned artistry of our gourmet butchers to your home kitchen, let’s dive into the dos and don’ts for achieving that perfect medium-rare roast every time.

1) Savvy Seasoning

To elevate your beef roast, La Boucherie suggests seasoning the meat a day before. Dive into the details of how to generously apply salt and spices, allowing them to work their magic overnight. Uncover the secret to achieving a beautifully browned crust by letting the roast dry out in the fridge for an hour or two before cooking.

2) The Reverse Sear Method

Master the technique of the reverse sear method for large roasts. La Boucherie recommends preheating your oven to 250ºC and cooking the roast until it reaches 54ºC in the centre. Learn the ins and outs of cooling, refrigerating, and reheating to ensure a crispy outside and perfectly cooked inside.

3) Rest for Success

Explore the importance of letting your beef roast rest after cooking, allowing the juices to redistribute into the meat. La Boucherie advises a minimum of 30 minutes of resting for roasts over three pounds. If following the reverse sear method, discover how resting is incorporated at different stages of the cooking process.

4) Maximising Surface Area

We recommend not crowding the pan to maximise the surface area exposed to the hot oven air. Discover the benefits of cooking your roast on a wire rack on a baking sheet, turning it around for even cooking. Uncover the secrets to enhancing taste and aroma by ensuring ample space for your roast to sizzle.

5) The Art of Seasoning

La Boucherie emphasises the importance of not under-seasoning, especially when it comes to salt. Learn why salt is the essential element that brings out the best in your meat. Get tips on achieving an even spread from about eight inches above the roast, ensuring every side, including the ends, is perfectly seasoned.

6) Don’t Forget the String

Uncover the practical aspect of trussing your large roast with cotton string. La Boucherie reminds you to cut off the string gently before carving to preserve the crust and maintain the roast’s shape.

7) Pan Drippings Magic

Discover the culinary magic of pan drippings. La Boucherie shares a pro tip on creating the best beef gravy ever by utilising the excess fat, wine, and beef stock. Elevate your roast with a rich and flavourful accompaniment.

In conclusion, La Boucherie invites you to make your festive season extraordinary with our premium meats, delivered with care to Malta and Gozo. From selecting the finest cuts to mastering essential techniques, let La Boucherie be your partner in creating a holiday roast to remember.

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