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The 5 Benefits Of Eating Turkey All Year Round

Turkey Meat
Turkey Meat

Far from being exclusively a festive dish, turkey meat is a healthy, delicious and highly-versatile choice of meat that should form a part of your diet all year round. Many tend to forget about the delicious potential of turkey recipes as soon as the leftover turkey from Christmas lunch has been consumed. Yet, turkey is a truly scrumptious cut of lean meat that is positively brimming with positive health credentials.

With nutritional perks, bountiful portions and versatility to recommend it, we feel that turkey deserves a prominent place in your weekly meal plans. In this article we’re covering the various health benefits of regularly eating turkey, as well as the advantages of adding it to your meal-prepping repertoire. So sit back, sharpen your carving knives and discover why turkey might just be the star of the poultry section!

La Boucherie’s Top Benefits of Turkey Meat

1. Rich in Protein 

Compared to other meats, turkey is a superior source of protein, making it one of the healthiest meats you can consume. Protein is key to maintaining a healthy body, since it helps to sustain and repair muscle growth, as well as improve bone health.a healthy body, since it helps to sustain and repair muscle growth, as well as improve bone health. In fact, fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders are typically encouraged to follow a high protein diet in order to achieve their fitness goals.

However, the benefits of protein also extend towards health conscious non-gym goers that are keen on following a nutritious, balanced diet. Undeniably, incorporating turkey in your diet is a fantastic way of achieving a balanced lifestyle whilst indulging in the mouthwatering taste of turkey recipes.

2. A Lean White Meat 

Since turkey is low in fat content, it is considered a lean cut of meat that even rivals that of the beloved chicken! It is free from the fatty marbling typically found in red meat but boasts a higher dose of protein –  with turkey breast packing 10g more protein than beef steak per portion – and very little saturated fat, making it ideal for individuals looking to build muscle whilst keeping their cholesterol levels low.

Less fat content in no way lessens turkey’s mouthwatering taste, which is why this popular white meat features in so many recipes, from turkey burgers to stews or roast dishes. Naturally, if keeping your fat levels down is a main priority, we recommend skipping the fried turkey recipes (delicious and tempting though they might sound) or adding strips of fatty bacon. Instead, stick to grilled or roast turkey recipe options which taste just as delectable.

3. Rich in Essential Nutrients 

We’ve established that turkey packs a healthy dose of high-quality protein and is nutritiously low in fats, but did you know it is also rich in a number of essential nutrients? Being an excellent source of vitamin B6, selenium, zinc, phosphorus and iron, turkey is an absolute gold mine of key nutrients our body needs for energy production, to maintain healthy brain function and form red blood cells. Here’s a birds eye view of why these nutrients are vital to our core health:

4. Supports Heart health

Being low in fat, a good source of protein and packed with such a wide spectrum of vitamins and minerals, unsurprisingly studies show that including turkey in your diet can support your heart health. One study observed that women who consumed more lean meat – such as poultry and fish – in favour of fatty red meat, exhibited a much lower risk of developing heart disease.

Since turkey meat does not raise blood cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol levels, replacing meat that is high in saturated fat with turkey meat can help you to maintain your bodily health and ensure that you enjoy a better quality of life!

5. Ideal for Meal-prepping 

Possibly due to its abundant size, turkey has long been the go-to-option for large gatherings during the festive season, with the traditional roasted thanksgiving turkey in the United States or stuffed turkey on Christmas day, especially within Christian households. Yet, the turkey’s generous size is not merely convenient for home-cooked events. Since turkey portions are so large, this healthy cut of meat provides great value for money and is great for meal prepping!

Turkey breasts are typically more sizable when compared to chicken breasts, meaning there will be enough to serve your family and freeze the rest for another day. The process is also quite simple and quick. Although an entire turkey takes notoriously a long time to cook, turkey legs on their own actually take less than an hour to prepare and roast, whilst turkey thighs need no more than 45 minutes until they’re deliciously golden brown.

Get Your Turkey Meat fix Today Thanks To La Boucherie’s Fresh Selection 

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